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Working Off Line 1

Well, despite the time difference, I was able to get a lot of great work done yesterday. If only I had known how much you can get done via phone with the doctors, I might have started using my personal phone sooner. Granted, my minutes are limited, but we only have one phone in our office, and while I can answer a call coming in on line 2, I can’t make a call on Line 2 if Line 1 is busy…and it’s usually busy. Add to that the fact that my co-resident and I both need to make calls, and you have a huge drop in productivity based on lack of resources. So, we have been faxing doctors. No more. The nurses are the gateway, and I want to bring some of them cookies and fudge after yesterday. I love nurses!! It helps that I am dating one, but nurses really are the lifeline in so many ways in healthcare.

It’s 4am in Hawaii now, so I can’t make calls just yet. All my patients are worked up. Guess I can do some of my reading while I enjoy a Southwestern sunrise…. and devise a plan on how I am going to get Green Chile back to the islands…


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