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Poverty in Paradise

I wish I had known about this site before I moved to Hawaii.  It takes a salary you put in, the place you are moving from, where you are moving to, and then compares the biggest essential costs of living. I put in the move I made in October, and it’s ridiculous. If you are looking at relocating, look at this site.

Check this out:

If you move from NM Rio Rancho to HI Honolulu:
Groceries will cost: 71.858% more
Housing will cost: 175.528% more
Utilities will cost: 63.252% more
Transportation will cost: 32.741% more
Health will cost: 20.140% more

Section 1: Index Values

Category (Percent Weight) NM Rio Rancho HI Honolulu National Average
Composite (100%) 95.0 165.8 100.0
Grocery (12.95%) 93.1 160.0 100.0
Housing (28.99%) 89.9 247.7 100.0
Utilities (10.02%) 89.8 146.6 100.0
Transportation (11.98%) 95.6 126.9 100.0
Health (4.07%) 100.3 120.5 100.0
Miscellaneous (31.99%) 101.3 120.4 100.0

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